The king and queen of the Midrealm stand up in assembly with the Baron and Baroness of Ayreton with their court.

A bright year starts with 12th Night in the Barony of Ayreton

A few words from Her Excellency Hillary

Ayreton Twelfth Night, sponsored by the Cantons of Tree Girt-Sea and Rokkehealden, was the perfect example of people uniting for a common purpose.  Led by Sir Fern de la Foret and Lord Keaton Caitdroven, with the potluck lunch organized by The Honorable Lord Bojei Timur brought so many people throughout the barony and beyond. 

Magnus White Hair teaches metalwork at 12th Night

We were amazed and impressed at those who ran the Largesse Salons, and coordinated by The Honorable Lady Elaine Ladd. The fine arts salon was directed by Mistress Joceleyn of Lutterworth, with an assist by Mistress Gwenhwyvar Nocturnal.  The fiber arts salon was led by The Honorable Lady Elaine Ladd, the metal arts salon was under the leadership of the now Lord Magnus Whitehair and The Honorable Lord Mikhail of Lubelska, and the family largess salon was under the guidance of Lady Canay of Tree Girt-Sea and Mistress Saraswati, creating the ever popular and adorable baby dragons.  These good gentles and those who attended their salons provided an inspiring amount of largess to benefit Their Royal Majesties, Their Royal Highnesses, and the kingdom.  

Members of the populace work on a puzzle together.

Master Etienne le Couteau des Roches and The Honorable Lady  Mwynwen Ysginid (Strawberry) organized the game room to bring mirth to attendees.  The musical coordination by Master Robyyan Torr d’Elandris and all the the musicians provided an incredible atmosphere that reflected the true spirit of Twelfth Night. From the first moment when attendees first arrived at the well organized and friendly gate set up by Lord Aedan Aisteach and Mistress Nadezda ze Zastril they were welcomed into the warmth, generosity and friendship offered by the people of Ayreton. 

The Ayreton Used Garb and Accessories Sale offered by The Honorable Lord Athewulf of Dover and Mistress Nadezda gave newer members an opportunity to find what they need to continue to play inexpensively and allow those of us with “too much stuff” an opportunity to ensure it goes to a good home.   Events do not happen in a vacuum, they take many months of planning, offers of volunteering and hard work, yet the people listed above. As stated on our Twelfth Night event web page so masterfully and diligently created by Lady Elli Skogkǫttrsdóttir, “ Twelfth Night is intended to be a joyful occasion. This 12th Night event is blazing a New Concept of an informal comfortable party with friends, a time to relax after the ambitious stresses of the holiday season” 

A group photograph of the members of the Ayreton Populace who received awards in the 12th night royal court

With the hard work of so many, and the attendance and jubilation brought with the presence of Their Royal Majesties Wigthegn and Neassa, and Her Royal Highness Tzararevna Katalena who recognized the efforts of so many in court, Twelfth Night truly was joyful.  Thank you all, everyone for bringing joy to Twelfth Night and Ayreton.

Ayreton Mayor for a Day

We ask one person to wear the chain at each baronial event in memory of the history of Ayreton when we were separate shires that worked together.  That person is chosen for many reasons, but the overall idea is that it is someone who inspires unity and a sense of community, who has given service to the barony that has made an impact.  The Honorable Elaine Ladd was asked to wear the chain at Twelfth Night due to her limitless work in providing largess for both the barony and the kingdom and her countless years of service making the Dream come alive for so many. 

A word from the Crown of the Midrealm

Their Royal Highnesses of the Midrealm, King Wigthegn and
Queen Neassa

This weekend We visited Our Barony of Ayreton for Their 12th Night event. We are thankful to Their Excellencies, Gareth and Hillary for hosting Us. We had a wonderful time with You as well as Your populace. The hospitality, service, and the community of Ayreton is astounding and was wonderful to visit.