Their Excellencies of Ayreton

Baron Gareth Ostwestly
(Jeff Berger)
1738 N. 36 Road
Ottawa, IL 61350
[email protected]
Baroness Hillary of Langforde
(Aggie Powell-Berger)
1738 N. 36 Road
Ottawa, IL 61350
[email protected]

Baronial Progress

Subject to change based on the happenings in Court

Their Excellencies Gareth & Hillary

Welcome to Ayreton!

The Barony of Ayreton is home to so many talented, skilled and incredible members of the populace. We have a wealth of artisans, fighters, archers, cooks, brewers, scribes, fencers all living in and representing the five cantons: Tree-Girt-Sea, Grey Gargoyles, Vanished Woods, Rokkehealden, Foxvale that make up our barony. Together we are Ayreton!

Each canton hosts annual events, weekly practices, sewing nights and arts and sciences nights and dance practices. Throughout the barony there are guild meetings that inspire, create and teach in a variety of areas including medieval cookery, brewing, herbalism, leatherworking, woodworking, and period music performance. Members are willing to share, to teach, to learn and all are welcome. Please see our web site for contact information so you may begin to enjoy all that our current middle ages has to offer.

The people of Ayreton are known for their generosity and warmth. We come together as one in support of each other and in service to our households, our cantons, our Barony, the Midrealm and the Dream.

We are Ayreton and We Rock!

Gareth and Hillary

Baron & Baroness of Ayreton