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You can find out more about what has been awarded to members of the populace on the Midrealm Order of Precedence.

Awards and Orders

Awards – May be given repeatedly and often

Pleiades of AyretonAward of the Pleiades of Ayreton – Given for general service to the Barony; this can be service on the list field, service in the kitchen, service to Royals or anything else you can imagine.
Cellerer of AyretonAward of the Cellerer of Ayreton – Given for acts of hospitality on behalf of and within the Barony.

ORDERS – May be given only once, to a single individual

Atlas of AyretonThe Order of Atlas of Ayreton – A High Service Honor, Given so far to former Mayors of the previous Towne of Ayreton and Officers of the Barony, but can be given for any form of Service to the Barony that The Baronage chooses.
Ursis of AyretonThe Order of Ursis of Ayreton – A Martial Arts Order, Given so far to former Heavy and Rapier Champions, this Order may also be given to at The Baronages discretion for any other Martial Art.
Leo of AyretonThe Order of Leo of Ayreton – An Arts and Sciences Order, thus far granted to persons whom The Baronage have found to be excelling in the fields of the Arts and Sciences.
Scorpius of AyretonThe Order of Scorpius of Ayreton – An Archery Order, Granted to those persons whom The Baronage have found to be excelling in the field of Archery.
Riáins Star of AyretonThe Order of Ríálta Ríáin (AKA: The Order of Ríáins Star) – A Youth Order, for Service and dedication on the part of the future of our Barony and Society.