Ayreton Largess Derby

Ayreton May 1st Event Visions of Future Past Presents:   Ayreton Largess Derby!  (Shout out and thank you to the Barony of Shadowed Stars from whom we may have “borrowed the idea.”)   Click here to vote!!     There are two ways to participate – as an entrant and as a member of the… Continue reading Ayreton Largess Derby

Visions of Future Past

As we await the end of the Plague, we look forward to and prepare for when we can be together in person again! Join the Barony of Ayreton for our Virtual Event: Visions of Future Past as we ready to brush off our armor, mend our garb, delve into our crafts (or learn a new one).  May… Continue reading Visions of Future Past

New to area

Greetings and Welcome! Moving from one group to another can be a unique challenge. But you are not alone. Many of us have moved to the area from another Kingdom or a different part of the Middle Kingdom In your last group you were surrounded by friends and you knew how everything worked. But now,… Continue reading New to area

Hello world!

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