Ayreton victorious at the Golden Awl event

The Barony of Roaring Wastes held a one day leatherworking tournament! The format was individuals or teams working from Noon to 8pm, with no theme or constraint on the design besides what could be accomplished in that time. Susannah of Tree-Girt-Sea, Heraklia from Grey Gargoyles, Canay, and Magnus White-Hair did journey to Pentamere (in Detroit) from our lands.

Setup began at 10am, and the contestants brought their own materials, with sturdy tables provided for them to work at.

With critical moral support and pizza-pushing provided by Susannah, Heraklia and Magnus worked through the day to produce amazing works that were recognized by both the judges and the populace. Heraklia’s Valkyrie Belt won both the Novice category and the People’s Choice. Magnus won the Advanced division with The Sigurð Box, cleverly designed with a friction hasp – and very nearly tied for people’s choice!

Beautiful and detailed photography provided by Canay, to whom we are grateful for bringing back this record of triumph!

Heraklia will be wearing the Valkyrie Belt at RUM so be sure to get a selfie with her.