Sgt Gareth Ostestly, Baron (Jeff Berger)
Mistress Hillary of Langford, Baroness (Aggie Berger)
Mistrovska Evzenie Apolena Vitkovic, Seneschal (Peg Cook)
Lady Matilda Ann Stevyn Slyfield, Exchequer (Grace Strauss)
THL Mikhail of Lubelska, Minister of Arts and Sciences ()
Anna Jokinen, Rapier Marshal (Jana Howson)
Aethelwulf of Dover , Archery Marshal (Tom Scrip)
Lord Godfrey of Clovenshield, Heavy Weapons Marshal (Dave Tidball)
Master Gailen Alric Ros of Geddes, Thrown Weapons Marshal (Perry Dyer)
Captain Arnora in Skarpa, Chatelaine (Rebecca Hubert)
Jane The Tall, Chronicler (Jennie Tyderek))
Mistress Nadezda Ze Zastrizl, Pursuivant (Merill Miller)
THL Dunstan Bramblette, Webminister (Rob Hicks)
THL Ambr Stormwatch, Signet: Special Deputy to Herald (Kelly Lynch)
Position Open, Minister of Youth ()
Baron Andreas Blacwode, Officer of Social Media (Drew Nicholson)