Feast Menu

Primo Servizio – First service

Pane – Breads – a selection of breads, plain, olive, fig, and butter sugar focaccia. (G D Flour, oil, yeast, olives, figs, butter, sugar)

Olivio di Grecia – Greek Olives

Insalata di verdura – green leafy salad (lettuce, olive oil, wine vinegar)

Insalata di carote – carrots roasted with balsamic vinegar served cold (Carrots, olive oil, balsamic vinegar)

Polli arrostite – roast chicken thighs served cold with lemon slices (Chicken thighs, salt, pepper, lemon slices)

Secondo servizio – Second service

Lombo di boue arrostitio – Roast beef (Beef, salt, pepper, garlic, coriander seed)

Cipolle cotto con il arrosto – onions cooked with the roast (Onions cooked in beef juices from roast)

Spinaci fritti con mosto cotto – Spinach sautéed with grape must and spices (Spinach, grape must, cinnamon, salt)

Minestre di zucche Turchesche – Dish of Turkish squash (Butternut squash, butter, salt and pepper)

Macaroni alla Romana – Roman macaroni (pasta & cheese) (G D Noodles, sugar, cinnamon mozzarella)

Salza di visciole – sour cherry sauce (sour cherries, sugar, cinnamon, cloves)

Terzo servizio – Third service

Cialdone – wafers (G Flour, sugar, cream, orange flower water)

Pere cotte in vino – pears cooked in wine (pears, white wine, cinnamon, sugar)

Neve – snow a dish of whipped cream with orange flower water (D cream, sugar, orange flower water)

Canditi varii – various candies and sweetmeats. (candied fennel seeds, candied almonds.)

Key – G contains gluten, D contains dairy

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