Ayreton Largess Derby

Ayreton May 1st Event Visions of Future Past Presents:


Ayreton Largess Derby!  (Shout out and thank you to the Barony of Shadowed Stars from whom we may have “borrowed the idea.”)


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There are two ways to participate – as an entrant and as a member of the voting populace.


Entrants:  All entrants will produce thirteen items of their choice that may be gifted to a newcomer from the Barony of Ayreton.


Potential items may include but are not limited to:  Rings, or arm bands, needle books, paternosters, pouches, belts, medieval games, napkins, spice boxes, soap.  Any small item that a newcomer may need to make their adventure to the current middle ages more welcome would be, well…welcome.


Entrants must take a photo of their entry and send it via email or pm to ayreton.excellencies@midrealm.org or Jeffnaggie@aol.com or pm Aggie Powell-Berger on Facebook.  Along with the photo of their items entrants must include a short description that explains how the items were made and what materials were used.  Entrants must also provide their SCA name and titles as they want them to appear in the photo album.


Populace judges:  An album of all items will be provided.  Populace find an item that they wish to “like”.  The entrant with the most “liked” items will be in first place for the populace winner, the second most likes will be second and so on.


All entrants will be able to choose one item from the entries that are made – with the winner of the  Judges Choice choosing first, the Populace Choice choosing second and so on.  The rest of the items will become part of the baronial largess to be given out.


Entrants must agree to mail items to the baronage who will ensure that chosen items are then mailed or dropped off to entrants.


  • You need not be a “member of Ayreton to participate or to judge.
  • Photos for entries are due by Monday, April 19, 2021

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