Visions of Future Past

As we await the end of the Plague, we look forward to and prepare for when we can be together in person again!

Join the Barony of Ayreton for our Virtual Event: Visions of Future Past as we ready to brush off our armor, mend our garb, delve into our crafts (or learn a new one). 

May 1, 2021

The event starts at 10:00am

Classes will begin at 11:00am

Baronial Court will take place at 4:30pm

Bardic will begin at 6pm in the same Zoom as Court

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No registration required, just click into the Zoom

Our illustrious staff

THL Evzenie Apolena Vitkovic

(Peg Cook)

Co Event Steward

THL Phillipa of Otterbourne

(Patrice Ribando)

Co Event Steward

Lette de Cherselawe

(Martha Kearsley)

Class Coordinator

Hilla Stormbringer

(Pam Wolff)

Bardic Encircler

Elli Skogkǫttrsdóttir

(Sheryl Woods)

Marketing / Publicity

THL Dunstan Bramblette

(Rob Hicks)




Track 1

Track 2

Track 3


Peerage Round-Table (1 Hour) 

In-Person Events are Coming and I'm  Scared (1 Hour)

Garb Workshop (2 Hours)


Return to SCA Fencing (1 Hour) 

Tips and Tricks on eTeaching (1 Hour)

Garb Workshop (2 Hours)


Return to the Range (1 Hour) 

SCA for the Neurodiverse (1 Hour) 

Beyond Family Style Feast Service (1  Hour)


Yoga (1 Hour) 

Sunk Cost Support: Questioning Your  Return (2 Hours)

What to Expect During Court (1 Hour)


Training at Home When Practices  Aren't Available (1 Hour)

Sunk Cost Support: Questioning Your  Return (2 Hours)

Barrels and Barrel Aging - The Baroness  Hillary Tequilla Edition (1 Hour)

Barrels and Barrel Aging – the Baroness Hilliary Tequila Edition – Track 3

In this class, I will explore barrels and barrel aging of liquors and vinegar, with emphasis on the tequila I am aging for Baroness Hilliary. It is also a precis of what might be available for a future Scribin and Imbibin.

Oswyn of Baðon

Beyond family style feast service – roundtable discussion: – Track 3

As we resume SCA events this year, cooks would love to share our art with feasts.  But what does this look like in terms of service?  Family style portions for tables may still feel too risky.  Let’s discuss options for serving feasts in the new normal, from “counter service” to pre-portioned plates.  We
can also discuss safe kitchen prep practices and how to work together so everyone feels comfortable, safe, and has a great time.

Facilitators: Mistress Gianetta Andreini da Vicenza, and THL Bojei Timur

Garb Workshop (2 hours) – Track 3

Is your garb in need of attention? Come and work on garb in anticipation of in person events. The group can also problem solve garb dilemmas!

Violante do Porto and Lette de Cherselawe

In-Person Events are Coming, and I’m Scared: – Track 2

Excitement and trepidation. A return to live events appears on the horizon. Some of us are thrilled. Some of us are nervous. None of us are who we
were. Join this mental health roundtable led by a licensed therapist to learn about and prepare for the swirl of positive and negative emotions we can
anticipate as we return to the game we love.

Facilitator: Warder Gwynneth verch Ieuan, CSO, APF, CCK

Peerage Roundtable – Track 1

A round-table discussion focused on peerages, with the discussion being led by participants and facilitated by Mistress Acelina of Delerei and other peers. May include the path to peerage, peerage student relationships, what it’s like to be a peer. Participation will determine where the discussion leads.

Mistress Acelina of Delerei

Return to SCA Fencing – Track 1

Over a year later, there are several considerations to take into account as we rebuild ourselves and our community, as SCA rapier fighters. This class approaches the return to in-person fencing activity through three lenses: the physical, the intellectual, and the social. These lenses are listed here in what is perhaps an intuitive order, but will be explored in the course in order of importance, which is to say, the exact opposite. Socially, the sport that is SCA fencing has a decades-long history of failing to adequately serve women and fencers of color (let alone women fencers of color), as seen in the demographics of our sport’s systems of recognition. By changing our social practices at our events (both tournaments and practices), we can and should do better. We’ll talk about the importance of codes of conduct, and explicitly maintaining both social time and various forms of instructional time during events. We have a unique opportunity to transform our culture, and a moral duty to do so. Intellectually, the present moment also creates opportunities to rebuild your personal fencing practice in a more systematic and thoughful way. Whether you choose to pursue. centuries old-knowledge, or to delve into modern combative sports psychology, this course will talk about how to access ideas about fencing that can reshape how you think about combative sports. Physically, we’ll talk about how to ensure that all your equipment, especially your body is prepared to resume combative sports, how to avoid injury or reinjury (both now and as an ongoing project), and how to leverage your fencing as a part of a health and fitness regime.

M. Christian Fournier, OL OD

Returning to the range – Track 1

Presentation and discussion of steps to take, when getting ready to resume Archery activities in the Middle Kingdom.

Forester Dietrich von Hamburg

SCA for the Neurodiverse – Track 2

Join Dunstan as he tells of his experience with the Society’s secret super power; its layer upon layer methodology provides an amazing inadvertent balm for the socially struggling.

THL Dunstan Bramblette
Sunk-Cost Support: Questioning your return. (2 hours) – Track 2

It goes without saying that it’s been a long year. In the time we’ve been apart, you may find yourself questioning whether you want to return to the SCA. Or you may question whether you want to return to your previous level of involvement.

You may even be looking for external validation on leaving the SCA. You may feel like you have no one to talk to about this, or you may have tried and had less than satisfying conversations. For whatever reason, this short presentation and discussion is a safe space for people to explore how they may wish to deal with this. Please feel free to send questions ahead of time for review via the anonymous google link here:

The class begins with a brief slide presentation on possible hows and whys. After this there will be a five minute break for participants to text chat among themselves either in the meeting or between themselves on other platforms and then I will take questions from the participants until 1 hour from the end of class. There will be a short open discussion session where participants will be able to speak as a group across the meeting. The final 30 minutes will be devoted to discussing whether we would like to create an ongoing support community. I have created a Facebook group for that purpose and will invite participants if it seems there is a need.

(Disclaimer: I am in no way a licensed therapist. I
am not qualified to diagnose or treat any behavioral, emotional, mental, or physical afflictions.)

Wu Yun Daren, Companion of the Pelican, of Northshield
Blackthorne Herald Extraordinary
Barony of Nordskogen, Northshield
MKA: Emily Feathers, #131255,

Tips and Tricks on eTeaching – Track 2

Getting and Maintaining Engagement Join Rædesmann Andreas for this class on teaching in the digital space and how to keep your students focused and engaged.

Rædesmann Andreas Blacwood, OP

Training at Home When Practices Aren’t Available – Track 1

Developing a training regimen and system from home to be able to get ready to fight. Developing the mental game and mindset to fight when practices aren’t available. This class with be an interactive conversation to produce an process to get fighters ready to fight coming back from quarantines and to help fighters to develop at home practices drills and methods to improve when they can’t get practice in normal times.

Sir James Applegate of Northshield

What to Expect During Court: – Track 3

We will discuss what happens during court and what the expected norms for “audience” behavior and participation are. We will address baronial courts as well as kingdom courts and will touch on regional variations. This could be useful to newer members, although all are welcome.
Class Handout

Facilitators: Baron Gareth Ostwestly and Baroness Hillary of Langeforde

Yoga For Dancers, Fighters or Pretty Much Anyone:
 – Track 1

Yoga to help us through the rigors of an event regardless of our activities. Please have a mat/towel and wear comfortable clothing that allows flexibility and modesty (and/or feel free to have camera off). Kids should practice with a guardian. Yoga is an ancient practice that can be documented to at least 200 BCE.  It is independent of any religious
affiliation and can be practiced regardless of background/fitness/flexibility– or lack thereof. Come with an open mind & heart, feel free to ask questions if you wish, but this will be primarily a physical practice.

Presenter: Nadezda ze Zastrizl
(certified 500 HR Yoga instructor under her modern name Merril Miller)

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