Baronial Transition Page

Updated November 7, 2020


Information for Everyone

We appreciate you taking the time to look into your baron(s)/baroness(es)!

What Can You Do to Help?

+Learn about the candidate(s) and think carefully about their strengths and weaknesses
+Read the candidates' Letters of Intent
+Listen to their Q&A Videos if available
+Fill out the poll correctly before the deadline.

Who can fill out a poll?

If you participate in Ayreton's activities, we consider you a member of Ayreton's and encourage you to fill out a poll, regardless of whether you are a paid member and no matter where you live within the group. However there are separate polls for those who live within Ayreton's ZIP codes and for everyone else. These polls are tallied separately. It is especially important for you to fill out a poll if you are a member of our populace and live within the Barony's ZIP codes, since the results may be rejected if not enough member polls are returned. It's highly suggested that you write substantive comments on your poll - not just click rating numbers. The more comments - the better the chances of the polling process not being rejected.

Do I live in Ayreton?

You can search your ZIP code using the Midrealm ZIP code search function . To do so, go to the Midrealm Services Portal. In the sidebar, select the down arrow next to "Groups"; then select "Find a group by ZIP".

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More questions?

Contact Ayreton's Seneschal, Andreas or check out the FAQ sheet here.


4/26 - 5/23Baron/Baroness announce their intention to step down or baronial seneschal announces it is time for a polling
Baron/Baroness schedule question-and-answer sessions for those considering running for Baron/Baroness
Deputy (Hannah) informs Crown and Kingdom Seneschal of impending poll
Deputy (Hannah) places Pale announcement (For the Pale)
5/24 - 6/20Baronial seneschal accepts letters of intent (along with photos, release forms, and contact info for each)
6/21 - 6/27Letters of intent due to baronial seneschal, forwarded to deputy; Deputy (Hannah) review LOIs
6/28 - 7/11Baronial Seneschal works with Baronial SMO and Webmister to post LOIs online (website or drive) for populace; makes formal announement of candidates
7/12 - 8/8Distribution and collection of polls
8/8Polls Close
8/9 - 8/22Polls Tablated
FallCrown Decision
Late FallInvestiture

The Crown is required to obtain written counsel from the residents of a Barony in regards to the group's leadership every five years. Residents of a Barony are defined as those who live within the geographic boundaries of the group, as defined by the MidRealm Cartography database. You do not need to have a paid membership if you live within the group's zip codes in order to cast a poll. There are no specific requirements on what form that counsel must take, save that it must be in writing. Subsequent to the required counsel and barring any "substantive" opposition to a candidate, the Crown may pick any of the candidates at will. In other words, the populace is not "voting" for a Baron and Baroness; they are giving The Crown their opinions about the candidates. This is not just a semantic difference - it is a substantive one. The populace may not force the Crown to do anything. The candidates selected are at the Crown's discretion and choice.

Once the decision has been made and publicized, depending on who is selected for the next term and what the situation is with the current pandemic, an Investiture date may be set. The Barony will be informed of that when more information is available.

Once the decision has been made and publicized, depending on who is selected for the next term and what the situation is with the current pandemic, an Investiture date may be set. The Barony will be informed of that when more information is available.

Letters of Intent

Baron Gareth Oswestly and Baroness Hillary of Langeforde

aaaaaaGreetings to Your Majesties, and to the Populace of Ayreton. From Gareth Oswestly and Hillary of Langeforde come greetings and our official announcement of our intention to be considered as candidates for Baron and Baroness of Ayreton for a second term. We have been part of the Ayreton community since before the five original groups began forming the Barony of Ayreton. We were part of the commitment attending all of the original charter meetings, and worked alongside members from all ends of the barony to create a charter that allowed us to move forward with baronial status.

aaaaaaWhile baron and baroness we have joyfully expanded on the traditions that were started by our predecessors, while striving to create an even stronger sense of community and Ayreteon spirit and pride. We cherish the promise that is Ayreton; the promise to welcome newcomers and support established members, to value the skill and talent that all of the people of Ayreton demonstrate as they explore their own interests within the SCA. We are eternally proud to be part of a barony in which the cantons are respected individually and esteemed for the characteristics that make them part of a greater whole.

aaaaaaIt is our hope that we will continue to work with the cantons to strengthen and grow the barony. We will support the goals of the populace, advocating for the people and being their voice to the Crown. We will strive to help find the fun, and bring that fun where we may. We will continue to use the ideas of others and our ideas to create a space that allows for social collaboration. We will continue to use social experiences, with SCA activities in order to celebrate various interests within the barony. One of the goals we’d like to explore is co-curricular activities (A and S support marshal, marshal support A and S etc.)within the various interests so we can all grow in supporting each other. We would like to pull together collaborative teams over the next five years with the goal of outreach to add to growth, retention and participation, allowing baronial members to serve as group facilitators and leaders. We will promote and support baronial members who make such proposals that further allow our populace to shine.

aaaaaaOur barony is known in the Middle Kingdom as being one of service and talent. Ayreton has sponsored gifts to our kingdom and other baronies. We would encourage such largesse to continue so all may know the strength and generosity that is Ayreton. We will continue to promote activity days around the arts and sciences in which we can all share in each other’s knowledge and talents. We will encourage the continued growth and development of guilds within the barony. We will promote archery, armored and rapier combat in all its forms and engage in the joy that can be found on the field. We will continue, as we have always done to travel throughout the kingdom in order to sing the praises of the people of Ayreton.

aaaaaaWe would willingly commit ourselves to the next five years that being baron and baroness would require with love, with enthusiasm and with tenacity. We would remain open to the populace and with heartfelt passion share their achievements, desires and goals with the Crown of the Middle Kingdom whenever appropriate. We will continue to do what we have always done, cheerlead, celebrate, support and honor the Barony of Ayreton and will happily step back to support upcoming baronage after and the barony itself in whatever means we may for years to come.