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Twelfth Night:

Schedule of the Day

9:00aSite/Gate OpensNorth Classroom
9:30aClasses Begin
Dance Practice begins
Period Music performances start
Main Hall, classroom B (suite 155)
South Classroom
Main Hall
10:00aToA beginsNorth Classroom
10:30aMorning Court at their Majesties' discretion
11:30aDance Practice Ends
Vigil for Gerard Montague begins

(suite 153)
12:00pMartial Classes StartSouth classroom
2:30pVigil Ends
Pelican meeting

Royal Room
3:00pToA ends
3:15pClasses End
Period Music Performances
4:00pCourt at their Majesties' discretion
After CourtReset Main Hall for Feast
Bardic Concert begins
6:00pFeast Begins
8:00pFeast Ends
Bardic Circle Begins

South Classroom
10:00pSite Closes
Final Clean Up