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Twelfth Night:

A culinary tour through the history of Spain

A luxurious small-plates "tapas" style feast, featuring culinary
delights from 400 years of Spanish and Andalusian cookbooks.
Expect a variety of delicious morsels to tempt your palate.

(V) denotes vegetarian dishes, (GF) denotes gluten free dishes

Aperitivos (Starters)

Almendras – Roasted salted almonds (V, GF)
Aceitunas Marinadas – Marinated green olives (V, GF) (Montino 1610)
Higos a la Francesa – Figs stewed in wine (V, GF) (Libre del Coch 1520)
Requesones – Ricotta cheese (V, GF)
Jalea de Granada – Pomegranate jelly (V, GF) (Montino 1610)
Pan - Bread (V, GF)

Primer Plato (First Course)

Embutidos – Plate of cured meats and sausages (GF)
Torta de Huevos Que Se Dice Salviate - Egg frittata with sage (V, GF) (Libre del Coch 1520)

Ensalada de Acenorias - Roasted carrot salad (V, GF) (Montino 1610)
Ahrash of Fish – Tuna patties (Anonymous Andalusian 13th c)
Perniles - Slow roasted pork shoulder with several sauces (GF) (Libre del Coch 1520)
Salsa a la Francesca - Pomegranate almond sauce (Libre del Coch 1520)
Salsa a Bolets – Sautéed mushrooms with green sauce (V, GF) (Libre del Coch 1520)

Segundo Plato (Second Course)

Cigrons Tendres – Tender chickpeas in almond milk (V, GF) (Sent Sovi 14th c)
Espinacas Picadas – Sautéed Spinach (V, GF) (Sent Sovi 14th c)
Salchichas Mirkâs – Merguez lamb sausages (GF) (Anonymous Andalusian 13th c)
Estofado de Pollo Castellano - Castilian chicken stew (GF) (Anonymous Andalusian 13th c)
Calabaza Rellena - Stuffed acorn squash (V) (Montino 1610)

Dulces (Dessert)

Naranjas Dulces - Oranges with red wine syrup (V, GF)
Turrón - Almond brittle (V, GF) (Sent Sovi 14th c)
Manjar Suave - Custard with cinnamon (V, GF) (Libre del Coch 1520)
Hinojo Conservado - Fennel in sugar syrup (V, GF) (Montino 1610)

Bebidas (To Drink)

Hippocras – Non-alcoholic spiced wine syrup (V, GF) (Libre del Coch 1520)