Upcoming Events

Updated November 17, 2015

Upcoming Events in the Barony of Ayreton:

16 Jan 2016 - Twelfth Night 2016 - It's Bean A Long Time Since An Old Fashioned Twelfth Night
{Canton of Tree Girt Sea} [Chicago, IL]

Past Barony of Ayreton Events:

14 Nov 2015 - Knowne World Acadamy of the Rapier and Costume Symposium
{Barony of Ayreton} [Mundelein, IL]

7 Nov 2015 - All Soul's: in our Neck of the Woods
{Canton of Vanished Wood} [Roselle, IL]

10 Oct 2015 - Foxhunt XI: Rikhard's Feast
{Canton of Foxvale} [Big Rock, IL]

21 Feb 2015 - A Monk's Life: Scribin' & Imbibin'
{Barony of Ayreton} [Mount Prospect, IL]

Full Midrealm Event Calendar here.