Baronial Meeting and Charter Information

Updated April 1, 2018

Ayreton Baronial Meeting Minutes, February 25th 2018

Baronial Charter

Baronial Populace Moot/Court

When:May 20th 2018
Host Location:St. Stephans Lutheran Church
Address:14700 Kildare Avenue, Midlothian, IL 60445
Gathering Time:3:45PM
Meeting Time:4:00PM
Important Highlights:
  • Reservation is under Ayreton

Future meeting calendar:

Sunday, Feb. 25Foxvale
Sunday, May 13Grey Gargoyles
Sunday, Aug. 19Vanished Woods
Sunday, Nov. 11Rokkehealden
All meetings to take place at 4, followed by a potluck (if not at a restaurant), followed by a canton meeting.