Welcome to the Website for the 2015
Known World Academy of Rapier and Costuming Symposium
& Ayreton Baronial Investiture

November 13 - 15, 2015

Mundelein, Illinois 60060


  • Their Royal Majesties Midrealm and Their Excellencies Ayreton, Baron Henry of Exeter and Baroness Nadezda ze Zastrizl, are pleased to announce that Their Majesties will be holding Court at the Known World Acadamy of Rapier and Costuming Symposium, and will be investing the NEW Baron and Baroness of Ayreton at that time, Sgt. Gareth Ostwestly and Mistress Hillary of Langforde.
  • NEWLY UPDATED 11/11 Rapier Class Schedule, View the KWAR CLASS SCHEDULE HERE
  • NEWLY UPDATED 11/10 Combinded Classes PDF Schedule, View HERE
  • NEWLY UPDATED 11/10 Costuming Class Schedule and Descriptions, View the KWCS CLASS SCHEDULE HERE

A Word from our Event Steward

Join us for two days of classes, contests, workshops, and displays of skill in the arts of historical and SCA combat and historical costuming as we bring together students and teachers from within the SCA and from the larger historical martial arts and costuming communities.

We will feature presentations from well-known speakers, opportunities for sparring and for A&S workshops. You may also wish to find time for a trip to the Art Institute of Chicago, home of extensive collections of historical arms, armor, and textiles.

Costuming Instructors will include: Mistress Juliana Peri Da Novellara, Lady Jael Bent Ari, THL Annetje van Leuven, Mistress Moira McGillavrey and more!

Fencing instructors will include: Don Prospere de Monseguire (Devon Boorman), Don Kevin of the West (Kevin Murakoshi), Warder Adrian Flechyr (Adam Velez), Baron Aelfred of Chester (Allen Reed), Master Patrick von Brandenburg (Patrick Bailey), and Master Joseph Blayde (Joe Bricky) and more!

The event is open to SCA members and non-members alike and we encourage anyone with an interest in history, martial arts, and costuming to join us.